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Kinghoo e-Farmer

Kinghoo e-Farmer is a customized smart farming software which supports Chinese and English. The expertise on Kinghoo e-Farmer is a perfect combination between Internet big data and sight experience from overseas and domestic professional vets, animal nutritionist during decades of time. The farmers just need to point camera on the sick animal then get an immediate initial result and improvement suggestions which come from international diagnosis and health improvement database. We provide faster, more advanced, more professional and more profitable service platform for farmers.

——  Main funtions  ——

Self-Diagnosis—— Carry the smartest ‘VET’ in your pocket

(AI) Artificial Intelligence and (AR) Augmented Reality is perfectly combined to display real integration of real world and virtual world. Through pointing camera to the individual animal, the system automatically recognizes animal type and body part, and along with further clinical information complement by the farmers, system suggests the possible diseases and improvement solution. All in the format of click and selection, doesn’t need to manually, to save time and be more easy and convenient to farmers!

• Using phones to scan animals
• Automatic identification of animal bodies
• Selection of core indicators, convenient operation
• Quick diagnosis of animal health
• Access to professional treatment advice

Health Improvement—— Become more and more professional on the road of breeding

Health improvement is based on powerful database. According to different nutritional requirement of phase of animals, this module suggests scientific health improvement solution which includes prevention + immunization + management, for the users. It is also a great farming knowledge learning to farmers.

Robot vet—— Have a ‘VET’ like a butler

• 24-hour conversation anywhere, anytime
• View pig diseases, check swine fever, select products, get weather information
• Able to recognize Chinese and English
• Recognized speech + text, illustrated
• Solve your breeding management problems quickly

Latest News

Farming technology shares from different countries, obtain marketing trend in time, get information and experiment data of international products for farmers, which can help to improve farming knowledge of them.

Product Introduction

• Provide detailed product usage and performance display
• Selected overseas premium micronutrient additives
• Quickly understand and purchase products through the mall

User Center

• Create own order system
• Achieve a completed user management

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